Maksudul Alam Science Laboratory

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About MASLab

Since the early Nineties, the number of science students in Bangladesh has been declining. The reason behind it can be traced back to many factors. One of the leading causes is that students are terrified of subjects based on Mathematics and Science because of the teaching methods that had been followed in our schools. This reluctance towards math and science results from a tendency of studying without truly perceiving. But proper understanding or comprehension of science-based subjects require practical experimentation and analysis of the studied topics. Unfortunately, the lack of specialized laboratories in our educational institutions limits such opportunities. Also, many institutions, despite accommodating laboratory facilities, fail to offer students the scope to conduct experiments. Except for the higher secondary students enrolled in the few top colleges of the country, who enjoy laboratory facilities, such opportunities are almost nonexistent for the secondary, lower-secondary and primary level students. And where the lab is available, the access is also limited to the grade IX-X students of science group only. On the other hand, if students want to research a topic out of their own interest or conduct a science project on their own, they are at a loss to carry out experiments in a laboratory. As a result, at most of the science events in our country, only project models are displayed in the name of science projects!!!

To better such conditions, scientific laboratories prove essential both in educational institutions and under individual initiatives. Availing laboratories within the reach of young students will provide them with the opportunity to understand science matters experimentally and to find out practical solutions to their queries using scientific approaches. With the above situation in mind, Society for the Popularization of Science, Bangladesh (SPSB) has established a science laboratory in the name and style of “Maksudul Alam Science Laboratory (MASLab)”. Read More…